Legacy Applications (Obsolete)


As of February 2024, our legacy applications have been deprecated. They are no longer available for download. We have a brand-new website and new apps for all devices, using a faster, more secure VPN technology.

On some devices the the upgrade will take place automatically. On others, you may need to install the new version yourself. This article will help you determine if you need to upgrade.

 Windows  macOS  iOS  Android  Linux


Our Windows desktop application has a new look & feel and a new icon, that's easiest way to tell the difference. Take a close look at the app's icon to determine if you have the older/legacy version installed.

How to Upgrade

On desktop and laptop computers you may not receive an update, so you will need to manually install the new version from our website.


Start by uninstalling the older/legacy version of the app first, before you attempt to install the new version.

See our support article for more info on how to uninstall the application.

Visit our Windows Download Page, or use the link below to download the installation file to your computer:

Microsoft Windows 7 or later is required. See our support article for more information.

Open the VirtualShieldSetup.exe file you just downloaded to launch the installer. This file should be located in your Downloads folder.


That's it! You can now open the VirtualShield application from the icon on your Desktop, and log in to connect to our secure network.

For more help logging in and connecting, see our support article.

Common Questions

My device is not listed above, what can I do?
If your device is not listed, don't worry. VirtualShield will be coming to more devices very soon, including Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick and more.
My device is too old to run the app, what can I do?
If your device is incompatible, we strongly recommend upgrading your system in order to be fully protected against the latest threats.

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