How can I tell if I'm Protected?


You can Test Your Protection at any time by visiting the link below. It doesn't matter which device you are using, this page will work on all of your various devices, computers, tablets, smart phones, and more.

If you are connected to our secure network, this page will report your status as Protected. It will also display the IP address and geographic location of the VPN datacenter you're connected to. Otherwise, this page will display your actual location.

This is the same information other apps and websites can see when you surf the web. They will not be able to recognize your actual IP address or location.

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How to verify your protection on your Windows computer:

As long as the  power button appears green when you open the app, it means you are fully protected. If you're not connected, this button will appear yellow in color.


When you close or hide VirtualShield, it will continue protecting you in the background. Look for the  shield icon in the Notification area next to your clock. It will appear with a green circle when the VPN is active.

If you don't see it, click the  up arrow next to your clock to Show hidden icons. You can open the app from here, or from the shortcut on your Desktop/Start menu.

Common Questions

Will VirtualShield open when I turn on my device?
If the Autostart option is enabled, VirtualShield will open automatically each time you turn on or restart your device. If used in combination with the Connect Automatically option, you will remain connected to the VPN at all times.
Why does my app look different from the one above?
It is possible you still have an older/legacy version of our app installed. We recommend downloading the latest version from our website to take advantage of the new VPN technology, and all of the new security features we offer.

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