Will a VPN hide my browsing history?


The core purpose of a VPN is to keep your personal information private, and out of the wrong hands. There are many different advantages to using a VPN, securing your browsing data is just one of them.

Learn more about the various benefits and reasons why it is important to use a VPN here.

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How does it work?

While browsing the internet using a VPN, third-parties (such as your Internet/Cellular Provider) will not be able to see what you are doing online. Your browsing history will not be trackable at the network-level. A VPN will also hide your location and encrypt your data for additional privacy.

Third-parties or hackers at places like coffee shops, hotels, airports, and other public places will not be able to intercept or steal your data. This includes friends, family, and network administrators at home or the office as well, unless they gain physical access to the browser on your device.

Unlike a secure web browser, a VPN will protect and encrypt your entire internet connection. Learn more about the differences here.

Additional Information

By using a VPN you are getting a completely random IP address that can only be traced back to us, leaving you completely anonymous and protected. However, keep in mind that if someone physically accesses your device, your web browser may store your browsing history (depending on your settings).

If you want to keep your browsing history private on your device, it's important to either clear your browsing history every so often, or use Private browsing also known as Incognito mode in your browser.

Our Webcam Privacy add-on includes Real-Time Protection, that allows you to clear your browsing data periodically. It also helps protect your system by automatically keeping your PC clean and free of junk files on a daily basis.

Why choose VirtualShield?

Our software will protect all of your browsers, and all of the other apps running on your device. This includes Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and many more. Your entire internet connection is passed through our servers to give you a private tunnel to the internet, preventing third-parties from seeing what you're doing online.

We also offer an exclusive service called VPN Plus, that allows you to automatically block ads, trackers, and malware from ever reaching your device for a safer, and more enjoyable browsing experience.

A secure VPN like VirtualShield can even protect against the even the most malicious forms of DDoS and cyber attacks.

Common Questions

Is VirtualShield easy to use?
Yes, it is! Getting protected is as simple as downloading our application, signing in to your account, then pressing the power/connect button. That's it! It truly is that simple. See our support article for more information.
How much does it cost?
We are always running affordable promotions. You can view our latest special offers by clicking here. In addition, we are the only VPN in the world to offer a 30 day trial along with a 30 day money-back guarantee, for a total of 60 days risk-free. You truly have nothing to lose.

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