Are free VPNs really free?


Yes and no. Many VPNs will market themselves and claim to be free on the surface, but in reality they aren't really free. They will secretly collect information about you and your device, and sell it to advertisers.

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What's the difference?

Free VPNs will try to collect your personal details such as your browsing history, email accounts, and contacts, and then sell this information to third-parties. This is how they are able to keep their service "free" and pay for their servers, support team, etc.. Just like any other business, they have traditional expenses.

It doesn't only apply to VPNs, it is a very common tactic of other free apps as well. They will either try to collect your data, or they will display obnoxious and intrusive ads on your device just to annoy you.

That's why it is so important to download apps only from Trusted sources, and read the app permissions carefully before you agree to anything unknowingly.

Why choose VirtualShield?

At VirtualShield, your online privacy and security is our number one concern above all else. One of the things our customers love, is they'd rather pay a few bucks each month to support our network, and we keep their data completely private in return.

We have a strict 100% Zero Logs policy, and don't keep any of your data. For your peace of mind, you are more than welcome to review our Terms and Conditions, which outlines every detail about how data is collected and stored anonymously.

In addition, we offer a 30 day free trial period with all of our plans, so you can give us a try before you actually start to pay for our services. You can cancel your account at any time during your free trial period and you will not be billed.

Common Questions

Can I still cancel after my trial period ends?
Yes, you can still cancel at any time. We also offer an additional 30 day grace period after your trial period ends, giving you 60 days completely risk-free. You can cancel during this period to be eligable for a full refund. There truly is nothing to lose.
Can I install two different VPNs at the same time?
Technically you can, however it is not recommended. You might need to Reinstall your VPN Profile in order to connect if you have multiple VPNs installed on your device at the same time.

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