Deleting your VirtualShield Account


When you cancel your VPN or VirtualShield One subscription from your Account Dashboard, your personal details will remain on our records for a period of time before they are removed automatically by our system.

This allows you to easily re-activate your subscription without going through the process of signing up all over again. However if you would like to completely delete all of your personal details and all of the data associated with your account, contact us for assistance.

Deleting your VirtualShield Account

Please contact our support team for complete deletion of your account and associated data. Our Billing team will be able to assist you in removing your personal details from our records.

This mostly applies to Apple subscriptions that were created from the iTunes App Store. However, it doesn't matter which device you are using. See our support article for more info on how to send your feedback and contact our support team directly from the app.

You can also contact us directly by visiting our website, or sending an email to

Common Questions

Does canceling my subscription delete my account?
Not right away, only after a period of time. Our system will only delete any accounts that have been inactive for an extended period.
Can I create a new account after it has been deleted?
Of course, you can create a new account at any time. However in most cases, deleting your account is not required. You can simply re-activate your subscription.

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