How to Connect Automatically


This option allows you to automatically connect to our servers if you become disconnected for any reason. This can happen for a number of reasons, including a poor connection, when your network changes, or when your device wakes up from Sleep mode.

This adds an additional layer of security to the VPN, by preventing any unwanted (private) information from leaking across your regular (public) network without your knowledge/permission.

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This setting is disabled by default, you must enable it yourself. You can also choose to leave this option disabled if you prefer to connect manually instead.

This feature is entirely optional, and it can be enabled or disabled at any time.

Connect Automatically

How to connect automatically on your Windows computer:

Open VirtualShield and log in to your account, if you are not logged in already.

For more help logging in and connecting, see our support article.

In the Secure VPN section, click  More and choose VPN Settings from the menu.

You can also right-click the shield icon next to your clock, then navigate to VPN > VPN Settings from the menu.


Select Connect Automatically to expand the list of options.


Choose your desired option, then click the  back arrow to return to the Home screen.

  • Off (Connect Manually)
    Never connect automatically, toggle the power button to connect manually.
  • On Wireless Networks
    Automatically connect on wireless networks, ignore hardwired networks.
  • On Untrusted Networks
    Automatically connect on networks that are not in your Trusted networks.
  • Always (Wi-Fi + Wired)
    Always connect automatically, including wireless and hardwired networks.

You can also click the +Add button to add your current network to the list of Trusted networks.

Common Questions

Can I connect automatically when I'm away from home?
Yes you can! Simply choose the On Wireless Networks option, or add your Home network to the list of Trusted networks.
Why can't I see this option on my device?
We'll be adding this option to more devices very soon, including macOS, Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV and more. Contact us for more detailed information.

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