How much does VPN Plus cost?


VPN Plus can be purchased separately from any of our annual or multi-year subscriptions. This means you can have a monthly VPN Plus subscription in addition to your existing one or two year VPN plan.

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How much does it cost?

Before discount, VPN Plus is available for $12.99 USD/month for any of our Personal plans. To add VPN Plus to your Family plan, the monthly cost is $29.99 USD (before discount).

If you used a coupon/promo code when signing up, any discounts will be applied towards VPN Plus as well. See our support article for more information.

What does it include?

VPN Plus includes the following exclusive security features:
Some additional features include Monthly Maintenance, Priority Phone Support, Invisible VPN, Gaming Mode and more (Coming soon!).

Common Questions

Can I upgrade to VPN Plus at a later date?
Yes, you can! Contact our support team at any time and we'll be happy to add VPN Plus to your existing subscription.
Do I need VPN Plus to be protected?
No, VPN Plus is entirely optional. Is is not required in order to be protected. In most cases a Basic VPN plan is all you need. However if you would like an additional layer of protection, VPN Plus is a great option.

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