How does Million Dollar Insurance work?


In case you become a victim of identity theft, our recovery experts are here to assist you every step of the way. Your million dollar identity theft guarantee is provided through AIG, and the summary of benefits is below.

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What is it?

A Stolen Identity Event is the theft of your personal identification, social security number, or other method of identifying you, which has or could reasonably result in the wrongful use of such information. Including but not limited to events occurring on or arising out of your use of the internet.

An Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer is an electronic fund transfer from your personal deposit account initiated by a person other than you, without the actual authority to initiate such transfer and from which you receive no benefit.

A Stolen Identity Event does not include the theft or unauthorized or illegal use of your business name, d/b/a or any other method of identifying your business activity.

How does it work?

As a member of IdentiSafe you are entitled benefits under the Master Policy. If a Stolen Identity Event or Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer occurs, filing a claim is easy. You are given 90 days after the event or transfer is discovered to report the breach to our security team.

A claims kit will be provided to you along with instructions on how to protect yourself. These instructions will include notifying major credit bureaus, the Federal Trade Commissions Identity Theft Hotline, and appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Visit your Dashboard for more information:
This claims kit will also instruct you how to file for benefits if the event or transfer results in losses covered under the Master Policy.

Master Policy Benefits

Expenses, lost wages, and legal defense fees will be fully covered under this policy. If you have a Family plan, up to 5 family members will be covered as well. A complete copy of the policy will also be provided upon request.

Benefits covered under the Master Policy:
  • Aggregate Limit of Insurance: $1,000,000 per policy period
  • Lost Wages: $1,000 per week, for 5 weeks maximum
  • Deductible: $0 per policy period
Should you have any questions, or wish to view a complete copy of the Master Policy, please call the customer service number located in your membership materials.

Common Questions

Do I need to download an app?
No, you don't need to install any additional software on your device. You can access your Account Dashboard from any computer, phone, or tablet with internet access. Once you enter your information, no further action is required.
Will I receive an alert if I've been breached?
Alerts will be sent to your email address or phone, depending on your personal preference. See our support article for more info on how to set up SMS Text Alerts on your phone.

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