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  • How do I sign up (Individual or Family)?

    Signing up couldn't be easier. Just head over to to get started. Remember, all of our Individual and Family plans come with a 30-day free trial. You can cancel your account

  • How do I cancel my account so I don't get billed?

    This article will walk you through the process of cancelling your 30-day free trial, monthly, or annual subscription with us. Manage Subscription You can cancel your account at any time during your

  • What's the pricing (Individual or Family)?

    VirtualShield requires a paid subscription. We currently offer six different auto-renewing subscription options to choose from. All of our plans come included with a free trial period, so you can

  • Connecting to the VirtualShield network (All Apps)

    Once you've logged in to the VirtualShield application or browser extension, connecting to our secure network only takes one simple step. This article will walk you through how to sign in to your

  • How many devices can I use?

    We currently have two different VPN plans available, Individual and Family. The Individual plan will allow you to connect to our secure network on up to 3 devices at the same time. The Family plan

  • Do I need Unrestricted Streaming for free websites like YouTube?

    No, the Unrestricted Streaming add-on is not required in order to stream video on free websites like YouTube, Twitch, and IMBb. You will be able to access sites like these without any issues while

  • How do I change my location?

    VirtualShield allows users to connect to a specific location to browse from. This allows you to "trick" websites into thinking you are from a certain part of the world. This feature can be especially

  • Do I need Unrestricted Streaming if I live in the US?

    This depends on how often you stream video, if you travel, and your individual needs. Our Unrestricted Streaming add-on allows you to stream video on popular apps and websites like Netflix, Hulu,

  • Why are some websites blocked or not loading?

    This likely isn’t a problem with the connection or your device, but due to the fact that some websites don't like people using VPNs. It is not related to VirtualShield in particular, it can happen

  • How do I disable/enable Auto Renewal?

    As the name implies, Auto Renewal means your account will be conveniently renewed at the end of your monthly or annual subscription term. Automatic Renewal is entirely optional. This article

  • How to use Unrestricted Streaming (All Apps)

    For various reasons, some streaming sites block access to users who are using VPNs. However, we have developed a unique service to circumvent these restrictions. In order to watch Netflix, Hulu,

  • Why are streaming sites (such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO) blocked?

    Certain sites (primarily streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and more) often restrict access based on your geographic location. Because of this, they completely block anybody who is using

  • How to use Protection Plus (All Apps)

    Our Protection+ servers are a lot faster due to much less traffic, since they are used by only a small fraction of our customers. They are also equipped with an extra layer of protection that scans

  • Connect to specific location (All Apps)

    We have servers available in over 10 countries. You can change your location at any time, and your IP address will reflect those changes. Changing your location manually can also help you achieve

  • iOS App Setup

    This article will guide you through the simple process of downloading and installing VirtualShield on all of your various Apple iOS devices. VirtualShield iOS Setup Follow the instructions below to

  • Getting Started: Android App

    This article will walk you through logging in to your account, and connecting to the VPN using the VirtualShield Android Application. Logging In (First-time setup) The first step to using the

  • Getting Started: iOS App

    This article will walk you through logging in to your account, and connecting to the VPN using the VirtualShield iOS Application. Logging In (First-time setup) The first step to using the