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  • How to use Unrestricted Streaming (All Apps)

    For various reasons, some streaming sites block access to users who are using VPNs. However, we have developed a unique service to circumvent these restrictions. In order to watch Netflix, Hulu,

  • Do I need Unrestricted Streaming for free websites like YouTube?

    No, the Unrestricted Streaming add-on is not required in order to stream video on free websites like YouTube, Twitch, and IMBb. You will be able to access sites like these without any issues while

  • Do I need Unrestricted Streaming if I live in the US?

    This depends on how often you stream video, if you travel, and your individual needs. Our Unrestricted Streaming add-on allows you to stream video on popular apps and websites like Netflix, Hulu,

  • Why are streaming sites (such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO) blocked?

    Certain sites (primarily streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and more) often restrict access based on your geographic location. Because of this, they completely block anybody who is using

  • Why are some websites blocked or not loading?

    This likely isn’t a problem with the connection or your device, but due to the fact that some websites don't like people using VPNs. It is not related to VirtualShield in particular, it can happen

  • What's the pricing (Individual or Family)?

    VirtualShield requires a paid subscription. We currently offer six different auto-renewing subscription options to choose from. All of our plans come included with a free trial period, so you can

  • Can I use VirtualShield on my Roku device?

    Roku streaming devices currently come with a few pre-installed apps. Roku regularly adds new ones, but unfortunately you can't install your own. Alternatively, you can set it up on your PC or Mac

  • Does Protection Plus work like an anti-virus?

    Our Protection Plus add-on works a little bit differently from an anti-virus, but it will protect your security in a similar way. You can use this add-on in combination with your existing anti-virus/f

  • How to use Protection Plus (All Apps)

    Our Protection+ servers are a lot faster due to much less traffic, since they are used by only a small fraction of our customers. They are also equipped with an extra layer of protection that scans