How to Shred your Files

Instead of sending unwanted files to the Trash/Recycle bin, you can choose to Shred these files and delete them permanently from your system. Shredding will also jumble the data inside of the file multiple times to ensure that the data can never be recovered.

This feature is only included with our IdentiSafe Plus plan. Currently only available in the Windows/Linux application(s). Coming soon to other devices.

Shred Files

To enable File Shredding, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open VirtualShield and select the IdentiSafe tab from the left-side pane.

  2. Select the Shred Files option.

Now when you right-click a file or folder on your computer, a new Shred with VirtualShield option will appear. Choosing this option will Shred all of the selected files/folders.

Note: Shredding a folder (directory) will also shred all files and sub-directories inside.


Here's a quick animation of what the process will look like:


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