Using Real-Time Protection

Real-Time Protection allows you to periodically delete your Temporary files, clean your Registry data, and empty your Trash/Recycle bin. Every 12 hours these actions will be applied based on the options that you choose.

This helps protect your system by keeping your computer clean and free of junk files on a daily basis.

Real-Time Protection

This feature is only included with our Webcam Privacy Plus plans. Currently only available in the Windows/Linux application(s). Coming soon to other devices.

Open the VirtualShield Windows application.

Select the Privacy tab from the left-side pane.

Select the Real-Time Protection option:

Now you can select the various options you would like to apply.
For example, follow the instructions below to automatically empty your Recycle Bin:

First, enable Real-Time Protection from the Privacy tab.

Select the Empty Trash option:

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