iOS App Removal

There are two different ways to remove the VirtualShield app from your iOS device.
From the App drawer, or from the Storage screen.

Option #1

Note: If you're using Apple iOS version 11.0 and above, option #2 is recommended.
Tap and hold any app icon until all of the icons start wiggling.

You’ll notice that many, if not most of them have a small X at the top-left corner:

Note: The ones that don’t are default apps that are part of iOS; you can’t delete those.
Tap the X near the corner of the VirtualShield app (red shield icon).
Next, tap Delete in the message that appears:

Option #2

Note: If you're using Apple iOS version 10.0 and below, option #1 is recommended.
Open your device's Settings app. It looks like a cog/gear shaped icon:

Navigate to General > iPhone/iPad Storage.
A list of your installed apps will appear at the bottom of the screen:

Select the VirtualShield app in this list, and then tap Delete App:

Here's a quick animation showing the entire process above:

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