How do I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

Upgrading or downgrading your subscription couldn't be any simpler. This article will instruct you how to upgrade/downgrade your Individual or Family plan.

Manage Subscription

If you are looking to upgrade your subscription, the upgrade will take place immediately and the amount due will be prorated.

If you are looking to downgrade your subscription, the new plan will kick into effect after your current term is over.

Note: Ensure that you've entered valid payment details, or we will be unable to modify your plan.
See our support article for more information.

First, sign in to your Account Dashboard by visiting the link below:

Next, select the Billing tab at the top of this page to Manage your subscription, if it is not selected already:
Press the Change Plan button to update your details:

You can now select your new desired plans and/or add-ons, and complete the checkout process from this page.

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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