Slow connection speeds/Unable to connect (Android)

If you're experiencing any sort of connection/speed issues with our Android application, please try each of the solutions provided below.

Solution 1

The first thing we suggest to do is try connecting to our Los Angeles, California location.

To change your location, tap the up arrow located at the bottom of the application, then expand the United States group. The icon will appear like this:
You may need to disconnect first before this icon will appear. See our support article below for more information:

Solution 2

If that doesn't solve the issue, we recommend removing the app and then downloading the latest version from our website.

If you need a refresher on how to set up the Android app, please see these instructions:

Solution 3

If you've already tried the options above and are still unable to connect to our servers, please try the following: 

  1. Open the VirtualShield Android app.
  2. Open the Settings panel by tapping the Cog/Gear shaped icon near the top-right of the app.
  3. Inside the settings panel, tap Advanced Settings.
  4. You should now see an option to choose your protocol (Connection mode).
  5. Select the various options (TCP, UDP) one at a time, then save your Settings and try to connect again.
  6. You can also try increasing the Timeout Duration option to 60 seconds, and see if that allows you to connect without issues.

If you are still unable to connect after trying the various protocols, it is likely that you have some sort of anti-virus or firewall that is blocking our application. Please disable any firewall/anti-virus software and see if that allows you to connect. If it does, you will need to add VirtualShield to the Allowed Apps/Exceptions section of your firewall.

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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