Will VirtualShield protect my Edge browser?

Yes, it will! Your Microsoft Edge web browser and all of the websites you visit inside of Edge will be fully protected using VirtualShield.

Google Chrome Extension

Microsoft Edge is built on top of the Chromium browser, this means Edge offers support for nearly all extensions that are compatible with Chrome.

There are two different options available if you'd like to protect Edge.
You can either install our Windows desktop application, or you can install our Google Chrome extension inside of your browser.

You may need to enable Chrome extensions first, before you will be able to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store:

First, click the three horizontal dots near the upper-right corner of your browser to open the menu:
Select Extensions, then enable the Allow extensions from other stores switch in the left-hand corner of the Extensions page:
Microsoft will warn you that it hasn’t verified the extensions in the Chrome Web Store. Click Allow to continue:
That's it! You will now be able to install our Google Chrome extension.

Tip: See our support article for more info on how to install the Google Chrome extension.

Which version do I choose?

The version you choose to install is entirely up to you. The Google Chrome extension will only protect the websites you visit inside of your browser. It will not protect the other software running on your device.

In order to encrypt your entire internet connection, our Windows desktop application is recommended. The app will protect all of your browsers, including Edge.

The extensions were mostly designed for older computers and Operating Systems, such as Windows XP. However, there are a few advantages to installing the extension.

It won't conflict with your e-mail software, online games, or any of the devices connected to your WiFi network (printer, webcam, etc.). It will also allow you to connect with higher speeds.

Note: You only need one or the other, the app or the extension. You don't need both. If you try to connect using both at the same time they might interfere with each other.

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