How to disable Windows 10 S Mode

S Mode (also known as Secure Mode) is a more limited, locked-down version of the Windows 10 Operating System.

In S Mode, you can only install apps from the Windows Store, and you can only browse the web using Microsoft Edge.

What is S Mode?

Microsoft designed Windows 10 with a new feature called S Mode, primarily for high school and college students. The focus is to limit how people can use their devices, keeping the emphasis on studying and assignments.

It may also be of use to consumers who aren't very tech-savvy, and prone to downloading malware and viruses regularly. S Mode limits the functionality of Windows, and only offers apps that are created by Microsoft, which means they're always safe to run.

If you receive the warning message below when you attempt to install VirtualShield or any other Windows application, you may need to disable S Mode first:

Disable S Mode

You can switch out of S Mode on your computer at any time, if you wish to install apps outside of the Windows Store.

Note: Do so at your own risk. Disabling S Mode may make your computer unsafe to threats.
Only download files and install applications if you can trust the source.
On your PC running Windows 10 in S Mode, open Settings:
Navigate to Update & Security > Activation from the left column:
Find the section labeled Switch to Windows 10 Home, or Switch to Windows 10 Pro, then select Go to the Store.

On the Switch out of S Mode (or similar) screen that appears, click the Get button.

That's it! You will now be able to install our Windows application, along with other apps outside of the Windows Store.

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