Does Protection Plus work like an anti-virus?

Our Protection Plus add-on works a little bit differently from an anti-virus, but it will protect your security in a similar way. You can use this add-on in combination with your existing anti-virus/firewall to help provide an additional layer of security if you'd like.

Protection+ servers are much faster than our standard VPN servers. This is due to less traffic, since they are used by only a small fraction of our customers. They are also equipped with an extra layer of protection that scans and blocks even the most malicious DDoS and cyber attacks. All servers are fast, secure, and unlimited.

This add-on is mostly intended for users who broadcast/stream large amounts of data, or businesses who do not want to experience any server downtime.
The Protection Plus add-on can be added to any of our plans, and costs $12.99/mo.

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to open a support ticket or live chat with us.

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