How many devices can I use?

We currently have two different VPN plans available, Individual and Family.

The Individual plan will allow you to connect to our secure network on up to 3 devices at the same time. The Family plan supports up to 15 devices.
This includes computers, tablets, smart phones, and more, no matter where you're located.

There is no restriction to the number of devices, only the number of active connections. You can install our app on as many devices as you'd like, it is entirely free to download.
However, you may need to sign out of your account on the third device before you can connect an additional device.

We have plans starting at as little as $4.99/mo. If you have a coupon/promo code, you can apply it when you're checking out to receive additional discounts.
You can get started with your 30-Day Free Trial and see all of our plans and pricing here:

We also offer Business, Enterprise, and VIP options as well. Visit these links or contact us for more information:

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