Can I use BitTorrent/P2P software safely?

Yes, you can! Our desktop/mobile application will protect and encrypt your entire internet connection. It also scrambles your IP address for additional privacy.

This ensures that your incoming and outgoing traffic cannot be read by third-parties, such as your Internet Provider. This is especially important when making online purchases or browsing the web at a public hotspot (like at a coffee shop or airport).
With VirtualShield, you can be confident that your data is 100% safe and secure.

However, only our Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps will protect your entire connection.
The Chrome/Firefox/Opera extension(s) will only protect what's inside of your browser. They will not protect your BitTorrent/P2P software.

Nonetheless, many torrents have copyright violation norms hence we do not encourage it.
All users are to comply with our Terms of Service which can be found here:

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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