Can I use VirtualShield on my Smart TV?

Some TV manufacturers (such as Samsung) support Android apps and others don't.
If you can open the Google Play Store and install other apps on your TV then it is likely that you can install VirtualShield as well.

Android TV Setup

Follow the instructions below to install VirtualShield on your Android Smart TV. Once it's installed, it will appear inside of your App drawer, alongside your other apps.

Note: Compatible with Android version 4.2.1 and above. If your device is not supported, you can try installing one of our browser extensions instead.
Select the Google Play Store icon located on the Shelf, also known as the App drawer.
It looks similar to the one of the icons below:

Tap on the Sign In button.

Review the Google Play Terms of Service and then select Accept.

Highlight the Search bar, then type in VirtualShield to search for the app in the store.

Choose the VirtualShield app from the list of search results, then tap Install.
It will have a red and white icon:

When the installation is complete, it will appear inside of your App drawer.
Launch the app in order to sign in to your account and connect to our secure network.

Note: See our support article for more info on how to install the Android app.

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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