Getting Started: Firefox Extension

Note: This article will walk you through using the VirtualShield Firefox Extension. If you don't have it installed already, please click here to learn how to install it.

Logging In (First Time Setup)

  1. The first step to using the VirtualShield Firefox Extension is to login. Once it's installed, look for the VirtualShield icon on the right-hand side of your address bar. It should look like this: 
  2. Click the icon. A sign-in screen will appear, right there in your browser. It will look just like this:chrome-signin.png
  3. Go ahead and enter your email and password you chose when you signed up. Then click the "SIGN IN" button. If you don't yet have an account, click here to sign up.

  4. Great! You are now logged in. You won't need to login again unless you uninstall the extension, or if you uninstall the browser. After you login, you will see the VirtualShield home screen.

Connecting to the VirtualShield Network

  1. Now that you are logged in, all you have to do to open up the VirtualShield extension is click on the icon on the right side of the address bar. It will look just like this:
  2. On the VirtualShield home screen, click "Connect" to automatically connect to our VirtualShield Network. 
  3. That's it! You are now connected to VirtualShield.

Here's a quick animation of the steps listed above: 


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